Wire twisting machine WPM-19
Wire twisting machine WPM-19
  • Wire twisting machine WPM-19

  • Model No: WPM-19

  • Automatic telescopic twisting machine
    Air pressure1.5-2.5kg/C㎡
    PowerAC 220V 50Hz 10W
    Twisting speed1400circle/s
    Twisting length5—80mm (150mm customizable)
    Wire range0.1-2(m㎡)

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Detailed description
All kinds of ground wires, braided wires, and isolation wires can be tightened, completely replacing manual work. The gripping hand adopts pneumatic control. When the air source is connected, the gripping hand will automatically open. When working, only need to hold the wire in, and lightly turn on the footswitch to complete the twisting operation.
1. The automatic gripper adopts an exposed design so that the scattered copper wires are also easily placed.
2. There is no need to adjust the elastic clamping wire when the wire diameter is different.
3. This model is an upgraded version of the gas-electric twisting machine.
4. The new automatic cable-pulling device is added, and the training time for novices is short.
5. The opening size of the chuck can be adjusted. Loosen the chuck spindle screw inside the machine, move the entire chuck to the motor direction and then tighten the spindle screw to expand it, and vice versa.
6. The clamping force of the chuck can be increased to 5 to 6 springs by the spring force.

Automatic telescopic twisting machine
Air pressure 1.5-2.5kg/C㎡
Power AC 220V 50Hz 10W
Twisting speed 1400circle/s
Twisting length 5—80mm (150mm customizable)
Wire range 0.1-2(m㎡)
Dimension L340×W190×H170mm
Weight 12KG

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