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  • How to operate Full-automatic Wire Stripping Cutting Machines, Stripping parameter setting: The machine when in standby mode, press; the front length parameter to begin to flicker, at this time can directly enter the number, if the input error, press clear input digital input again; then press preservation, and a parameter flicker, until the front end length, front half stripping, total length, rear half stripping end length, cutter, knife back all the input completion value
  • LAN CABLE Production Procedure, usb cable manufacturing process, cat 6 cable making machine, how are patch cables made, copper wire manufacturing, patch cord machine,what is the last step in making network cable
  • 1. Process cable—automatic wire cutting and stripping machine & automatic wire feeder machine, 2. Combined the USB connector with the cable.—- Automatic USB wire soldering machine, 3. Connector Injection molding —injection molding machine and some matching machines, 4. USB cable Performance Testing—Electrical performance Testing machine, 5. Packing the USB cable————-Automatic cable winding and bundling machine/Semi-automatic cable winding and bundling machine
  • HDMI /USB 3.0/USB 3.1 cable manufacturing process and equipment, Process 1: Cut and strip the cable, Process 2: Trim the Aluminum foil, Process 3: Position the inner wire on the plastic wire claw holder, Vertical Aluminum foil trimming machine, Process 4: Strip the inner wire, Process 5: Tin the inner wire, Process 6: Assemble the connector with wire, Process 7: welding the connector, Process 8: mold the connector
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