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Pneumatic wire stripping machine WPM-310
Pneumatic wire stripping machine WPM-310
  • Pneumatic wire stripping machine WPM-310

  • Model No: WPM-310

  • Pneumatic wire stripping machine,Wire Stripping Machine,Cable Wire Stripping Machines,Cable Peeling MachineStripping length 100mm
    Wire Dia. 0-15mm
    Air Pressure 0.35-0.75mpa
    Voltage 220V/110V/50HZ/60HZ
    Force 49-115KG
    Weight 25KG
    Size L480*W330*H280mm

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Detailed description

Pneumatic wire stripping machine, Wire Stripping Machine, Cable Wire Stripping Machines, Cable Peeling Machine
Pneumatic Cable Stripping Machine (WPM-310)
1. Bevel design, according to somatology.
2. Dual-driving cylinder, no spring breakage.
3. Self-feeding oil and supply. A timely oil supply to the cylinder can decrease the abrasion of the interior cylinder and lengthen life.
4. Special sliding holder, balance stroke, and high peeling precision. Electric control, easy operation.
5. Adjustable structure, and wire thickness.
6. Suitable for short cables with small diameters, such as AC/DC, power wire, computer cable, electronic cable, and multi-core cable.

Model     WPM-310
Stripping length     100mm
Wire Dia.     0-15mm
Air Pressure     0.35-0.75mpa
Voltage     220V/110V/50HZ/60HZ
Force    49-115KG
Weight     25KG
Size     L480*W330*H280mm

Improve traditional computer wire stripping with a foot hand way, before evolving into a clip backward, save in the best physical models. Operation mode and move around using the plane to shorten lines, and clamp distance, so that the computer can be used for short-term lines or a special machine to complete the stripping process. Special structure, speed, power lines, and general wire, half-stripped, full stripping, easy to adjust, most new models for the wire end processing.

This machine mainly aims at currently a wire material in the middle of the craft the skinning of some special wire materials is used, such as computer multi-conductor cable, insulate wire, telephone cable, flat cable, etc, apply wire diameter AWG18-32, adoption
A cylinder with powerful double-fold force can be processed in all kinds of flat cables.

1, This machine uses air pressure operation and electromagnetism valve control.
2, Knife and clip mount distance is short, make the wire material of computer wire or special short easily handle.
3, The general transaction quasi shells, all shelling electric wire bitter end the velocity is quick.


1. What are the wearing parts?
Blade and belt. For more spare parts info, please contact us.
2. Operation and user manual?
English and Chinese optional.
3. How long is the warranty period?
1 year, all belts, and blades without the warranty.
4. What after-sales service do you provide
Technicians' online support, and video technical support within 24 hours.
If you need local service please check with Hechang Machinery. Generally require additional charges.

XIAMEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  founded in 1993, is a top supplier of wire processing machines.
We mainly focus on research and development, production and customization, and learning from Japanese and Taiwanese techniques and experience.
Our end customers always specialized in an aspect of electronics, home appliances, motor vehicles, lighting, etc.
Our clients and markets are spread almost all over china and Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Colombia, the USA, Mexico, and Italy.
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Manual Wire Stripping Machine,Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine,Wire Stripper







Wire Size

1 - 5mm

1 - 10mm

1 - 15mm

1 - 20mm

1 - 30mm

Stripping Length

3 - 50mm

3 - 100mm

3 - 150mm

3 - 330mm

3 - 150mm

Cylinder Dia.












Power Supply












Net. Weight







Packed in Wood Case (Standard Export Packing)


1 Price terms

The price is based on EXW/FOB, if you request CFR or CIF, please give us your delivery port, and we will give you the CFR price or CIF price for reference.

2. What is your main market?

There are kinds of different clients from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe market.

3 . Could provide a professional solution based on our product?

We always promote suitable solutions based on products and satisfy clients with cost-down requirements.

4 Can we provide the sample for testing?

Yes, It will be a pleasure if u provide us with the sample for testing.

5 Do u test all goods before delivery?

Yes,100% test before shipment.

™ products are tested and guaranteed to keep in good quality with one year warranty excluding consumable parts.
If any main parts have quality problems, we will provide new parts and send them to you to change at once with detailed technical support and video illustration, or our experience engineer help to solve them. All problems and questions can be responded to within 24 hours after receiving email/phone/other chatting tools.

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