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How to operate Touch Screen Coiling & Binding Machine

 How to operate Touch Screen Coiling & Binding Machine
  Manufactures internal parameters of the machine (need password), Don't need to be set up, Because have been set at the factory.

  Running interface

This interface is coiling and binding parameter setup
Winding count for Output count. It only records the yield of binding wire, with No record of the yield of coiling wire. Long press ‘Long press reset, output count for "0"

Two parameters of Binding wire: Kink number, Thread length (Feeding tie wire length)
Kink Number
 Click the Box of the parameter set position will pop up the input number and press enter key.
 Set value (3-5) circle for optimum,
A bigger number value can fine adjustment the tightness of the binding wire

Binding wire looseness mainly depends on(Hand kneads product's potency dimension)。

Feeding tie wire length
 Click the box of parameter set position will pop-up input value, and press enter key
Small machine: Wire length set range for 75-140mm
largest machine: Wire length set range: 120-190mm
The feeding tie wire length depends on the diameter of the bundle to adjustment

 Coiling wire has two parameters: The circle Number of  Winding, And winding speed

Winding circle number

Click the position of the parameter set will pop-up input number value, And press enter key
Winding speed
 Click the position of the parameter set will pop-up input number value and press enter key, Speed set range (1-9)from slow to fast, turn speed /second
Enter return home page Enter Point detection       Enter setting parameters

Point detection, Used for manual control of the motor, The usually used to check machine faults.
      Wire feeding motor. Used for replacing tie wire, point move control feeding out tie wire

Winding wire mode switch, According to the set number of laps. Foot pedal control: By any number of laps
The following images are for the threading method of the cable tie.   

Notes: Don’t bend in the middle wire, Must have been through the wire feeding wheel along the axis direction.  Other wires will send out the wire.

Automatic Coiling& Binding machine maintenance 
1. Regular cleaning waste with the cutting edge of the sword.
2. Regular cleaning of the dust inside the case
3. Regularly check whether the right mechanical drive screw loose
4. To cut adjustable connecting rod bearing position and guide rail sliding blocks and butter lubrication regularly, such as card wire cutting tool position, and rust-proof oil once a month. Best don't play butter or oil

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